Short abstract
Trym and his family are moving away from everything familiar; they are moving to his Grandmothers farm. Just before they move, something is happening with Trym. He starts to see and hear things no one else can.

Detail from the cover
Detail from the cover

At the farm he experiences a lot of mystical things, and then he meet a weird and mysterious girl in the forest. Trym has to accept that he really is different, and he learns that something really serious is about to happen: the entire world is about to collapse. It is just one way to prevent this from happening, but the task seems impossible.

«Isilds vrede» is an «eco-fantasy» for everyone between 10-100 years. Join in for a fantastic journey in Norwegian folk belief and Norse mythology together with Trym, his friend Frida and the mysterious Elise.

This book has something important to tell about our earth, about courage and friendship, and not to forget the wonderful universe found in old tales and beliefs. Perhaps you will have a different view of the world after reading.