Ancient pictograms found in caves all over the world share similarity in patterns. How can that be possible? Perhaps they may have a secret message. A message for us. A warning.

The title of this book refers to a basic nature condition of extreme frost, Is=ice, ild=fire. When the frost is extreme, it feels like burning. Vrede means rage, and combined this means «The rage of (a creature of) extreme frost».

This fantasy book use elements of the belief system in norse mytology and old norwegian folk tales about nature creatures, creatures partly from our world, partly from theirs – and the interconnection between everything. According to norse mytology there is a big, magical tree in the middle of the world, named “Yggrasil”. As long as this tree is healthy, the world will continue, but if it is sick, it means that doomsday is coming. Trees and the nature – and the way humans treat them – are essential in this story. I combine the symbolic concept of holy trees in real and as a symbol and also borrow some elements from the Lanna belief system in order to mark the forgotten importance of trees as the plants we in fact depend upon.

The story in this books begin in the Norwegian nature, and continue into Åsgård.

Cover of this book
Cover of this book

So, this is a fantasy story with some deeper messages to the readers. In addition to pure fantasy in a new suit, with magical creatures and fight upon life and death, it also address what the real threat to all life is.



  • The book was published august 25th 2016 by Liv Forlag.
  • Genre: «Eco-Fantasy» (The first one!)
  • Audience for this book is in the range of 10 – 100 years
  • The book is printed with hard cover and is also available as e-book
  • The book is available in all physical and web-based book stores in Norway
  • The book is in 264 pages and 46 chapters.
  • Author is John Olav Oldertrøen*
  • ISBN: 978–82–8330 – 097 -0
  • Language: This book is in Norwegian (But I think a large English reading audience would have loved this book!)
  • Approved by and bought to all libraries in Norway by the Council of culture December 16th 2016

*The most easy way to contact the author is to look me up on Facebook.


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